Debunking Common Myths About Living With Dental Implants

Many myths surround living with dental implants, which can prevent some people from receiving the necessary cosmetic treatment. Let’s dispel some of these myths:

The Myth: It takes a long time to get dental implants.

The facts: It depends on your procedure, the nature of your surgery and your cosmetic dental office. Implants are placed in the sockets of your missing teeth during your first procedure. Over the next 6-12 weeks, the bone around the implants heals and anchors them. At that point, the crown, denture, or other prosthetic is put on top. Patients can wear temporary dentures, bridges, or snap-on teeth during this period to conceal the tooth that was removed. You can begin your journey of living with dental implants in a relatively short amount of time.

These procedures are quick and can take up to an hour. You have other options that are quicker, such as mini dental implants. These can be mounted and installed with a prosthetic in just one hour.

The Myth: Too expensive for dental implants

Facts: Many insurance companies consider cosmetic dentistry elective procedures. They won’t often cover implants so expect a higher up-front expense. This can vary from one case to the next. Patients who have lost their teeth due to an accident may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. Patients with bone loss or other medical issues can also apply to have implantation covered by their medical insurance. Implants are also more affordable than other options over the long-term, as they have a 98% success rate and require less maintenance.

The Myth: Implants are very painful

The facts: There is some pain involved in oral surgery. However, the severity of this pain varies from one patient to another. Most patients describe it as being no more painful than a normal tooth extraction. For simple procedures such as implant surgery, local anesthesia can be sufficient. However, IV sedation might be more effective for anxious patients. Most pain relief can be provided by over-the-counter medication.

Implants can cause migraines and headaches, according to the Myth

The facts: There is no evidence to suggest that titanium implants can cause migraines or headaches. Sometimes, complications such as infection, nerve damage or damage to the sinus cavities can cause pain in the head and face. Implant recipients may also experience headaches due to preexisting dental problems.

If you have any questions regarding living with dental implants, talk to your dentist!

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